Back to School

Well its back to school for me… this should be an interesting day.  At least I don’t have to change rooms.. all three classes are in the same room!  Pretty good for me too since its so cold out today, and its supposed to start sleeting later on.  
Ok.. I’m also back on the diet.. I’m not sure what you would call it.. its Atkins for breakfast and Special K diet for lunch and dinner.. this should be interesting.  I’d like to drop 10 pounds.. 15 if I can… I’m sure once classes get rolling I’ll be stressing the pounds off!

OH.. I got the coolest surprise yesterday.. a hand-thrown coffee mug from a friend of mine out in Wyoming! Wow.. awsome colors too, I’ll have to try it out this morning.  Thanks to ‘K’ for sending that to me, and Merry Christmas to you too!  I’ve got something on its way too!  LOL.. better late than never huh?  Just teasing!

Now… where did I put my backpack….I should have looked for it last night.  Ok.. I think I remember where it went, so I’m off to do some packing and get all my stuff together!

*Disclaimer:  Hand-thrown= hand made on a pottery wheel (lol..cute J!)