Another Day

Brr.. cold again today!  I guess I’ll HAVE to go out today considering I have classes today.  Yesterday I stayed in and studied for the most part and sorted through a bunch of mail thats piled up.  Its amazing how fast junk mail can get your new mailing address, where it takes an act of congress to get a address changed on anything else!

Well the garage is looking a bit better now. This weekend we cleared out all the empty boxes, so now I have room to empty more. Just think..we’ll be able to park our vehicles in there one day! LOL I was looking at those ‘full’ boxes too, and do you know what the contents of most of them are? BOOKS!! I think I’ll find two nice bookcases, and put them in the formal dining room and turn it into a ‘library’. Right now the only thing in there is my antique rocking chair and our small kitchen table (to put all my plants that will go outside as soon as its warm again). That room has a large bay type window, and would be a really good place to read. Yes.. I’m a book hound! Maybe one day I’ll get to read them all!

Ok.. time for me to get some things finished up around here before heading to class. Have a great day and stay warm!