Signed, sealed, and delivered!

Want to lose weight? Then go through the process of buying a home!  All the paperwork is signed.. scary sight seeing the attorney with a stack of papers almost two inches high!

LOL.. you’d think we haven’t done this before! But we have… it’s just been a while.

Now the fun begins… to finish packing and start moving after the previous owner finishes up her move.

All day today was spent running all over town getting papers that were needed, but we didn’t know about until 8am this morning! Top that off Compass Banks computers decided to go down today too. Oh that was an exciting adventure of its own!

Ok.. stress has hit.. time to get to bed. It will be ok… I’ll just look to the good side.. ALL THAT SPACE we’ll have soon! No more whispering at one end of the house and being able to hear it at the other end!

OH… I need to tell you about a new store we found. Its called Sticks N Stuff and they sell furniture and accessories. We found a sectional sofa at the store in Oxford that’s just like the one here at the Ashley store… only $400 cheaper than Ashley. We didn’t get it though.. no way to haul it home. Most of their prices looked pretty good.. we just might have to go back up once we have the time.