Rain.. brrr

Well today turned out to be a good day to study… cold and rainy.  I was up at 7am…  earlier I finished working tweaking my Formal Proposal thats due tomorrow, our last ‘real’ day of classes.  Over all it’s 18 pages long, and I even took it to Kinko’s to get it bound.  Looks really good if I say so myself… but after working on it for a week, then 12 hours today, I really don’t want to see it again any time soon!

Ok.. time to do some studying for my accounting exam that’s tomorrow too.. along with my Spanish exam….then by Saturday I’ll start studying for finals next week. Somewhere in there will be some moving time I’m sure… but the majority of my focus is on school.


Christmas Spirit…
At lunch today I took a break from my paper to meet J for lunch. Well after lunch I headed towards the post office to mail a package. As usual for this time ot the year, the post office parking lot was full, and I had to wait for a space. (Someone was getting in their car to leave.) Well this nice little old lady was in a car behind me, and she honked her horn. I looked back, and she wished me the oddest Christmas greeting I’d ever seen before. I proceded to wait for my spot to come open, and she honked a little more…remember now only about a minute has passed. Wow.. what cheerful people we have here… Merry $*%*%*$ Christmas to you too!

ps..there was room if she had wanted to go around… geee