Online again..

It’s nice to sit back at my computer..instead of juggling a laptop on dial-up.  Cable company came out today and hooked up the tv cable and internet.  Yeah!  28.8 just isn’t fast enough for me anymore…well it is if we’re on vacation and that’s all we’ve got. LOL

I’ve emptied 5 more boxes today.. and have plenty more to go. We’re still not completely moved, but hopefully by this weekend we’ll be finished. I went down today and brought back my computer desk and chair. It was way too heavy for me to pick up.. so I just took the thing apart..LOL.

Does laundry multiply?? I have washed and dried about 6 or 7 loads of clothes today… our build-up during the moving. I know a lot of its proably not dirty.. but it’s getting washed just the same.

Ok.. I’m going to try and unpack a few more boxes before I give up for the day/night. Bye!