Nice day for a drive

Up early and off to pick up G for Christmas.  I decided to leave out early so we would be back home around lunch time… plus who know how traffic is this time of year. 

We stopped by mom’s while we were there then headed back home around 11am. Traffic wasn’t bad at all.. but the work on Hwy 231 is going ‘full steam’. Give them about two more years and it will be 4-lane all the way from mom’s to Montgomery.

Things are shaping up around here. I’m still trying to get everything changed over to the new address and all my online stuff updated. We brought up several of my outdoor plants this evening.. along with a hitchhiker. A small green tree frog that was hiding under one of the lawn sprinklers. I’m sure he found a nice place to spend the winter here at the new house. I’ll check on him tomorrow.