Classes went well today.  My B&P class was short, only 15 minutes max.  We turned in our proposals, and she gave us back our presentation grades. 

After class we studied for our last accounting exam before finals on Tuesday. I went blank on the first page (all connected problems) so I skipped and worked the rest. I went back and finished the first part about 5 minutes before time was up. After that I went to turn the test in, and my instructor ask how I did. I said well, ‘you tell me’. We went over it and I missed two. I was tickled.. he was too, especially after my last test when I had brain freeze on part of it.

After class I headed up to the accounting lab to copy stuff from my previous tests to study for the final. Crowded little room but I finally finished the last one.

Now its about 5pm, so I head over to the Nursing building to study for my oral presentation for Spanish. Class starts at 6pm, and at 6:10 presentations were under way, and the other 2 people in my group are missing. I’m not sure what I would have done if they hadn’t shown up.. at 6:15.

With all that overwith we had cookies and hot spiced cider. Mmmm… that reminds me, we need some wine mulling spices!