Home again..

I had all the utilities on by 10 am today.. nothing like small town living.. LOL   Actually we were lucky since the previous owner had scheduled them to be shut off today.  Since the services were still on, we didn’t have to pay a connect fee either. 

Moving has already started.  I took two loads up this evening before we got the truck, and now we have a huge truck to do the rest in.  Between the two of us we should get the majority moved by Sunday… as that’s when we have to turn the truck back in.  Its amazing how much my little truck would hold after the seats were folded down.

Well I’m headed to bed… I’m already tired and tomorrow is going to be an even longer day.  I plan on getting the carpets cleaned too, so that will have to be done first.  Have a nice relaxing Saturday.. I’ll be thinking about ya!