Fishing anyone?

I just returned for a short fishing trip… lol.  Well it was almost a fishing trip.  I had to move the fish from the aquarium to a small one here.  So see.. it was like a fishing trip after all.  I just hope they don’t stress out from the move.

I cleaned up around the house.. did a little cleaning in the yard and around the inside of the house. Only a few more things to move, like yard stuff and then we’ll be completely finished. Then can I rest??

For our anniversary J surprised me with a certificate for a hour massage and facial! Wooo.. I can’t wait to use it. I’m sure I’ll wait until after all the moving is finished. I gave him a sushi set with special plates and chop sticks so we can have sushi here at home, and took him out for sushi at Miyako’s. We had a great time.. (I ate way way too much!)

Ok.. time to head out to get my truck filled up with gas so I won’t have to tomorrow morning. Have a great evening.. I’ll write more later!