Starbucks Coming!

OH.. Montgomery is getting a Starbucks!  Woooo!  We saw the store yesterday when we were out doing some shopping.  There’s even a sign that says Open Soon!  No more Starbucks wanna-be coffee for me!  Hmm… now if we could convience them to come over on campus too.

Solve the puzzle

Solve this puzzle.. pretty neat, and cool graphics.   Don’t give up.. I did it.  It reminds me of Myst.

Thanks J.. almost too much for my brain this early.. LOL



Is it Monday yet?

Is it me..or have all the days run into each other lately.  For a moment I thought it was Saturday.. not realizing that tomorrow is Monday.

Our holiday was great.. busy but still great. Yesterday we finally finished moving and now all that’s left to do is get the house ready to sell. Then sometime I need to start unpacking all the stuff thats still boxed up. Hmm.. I feel a yard sale coming along in the future.
I think I’ve been through most of the boxes twice looking for something thats missing, so I have a pretty good idea where everything is. Now that doesn’t mean I know EXACTLY where everything is..only that if I need it I can find it.
Christmas Day was quiet for us.. just the two of us. We slept in and opened a couple of gifts. I wanted to put Christmas bows all over the front door, but I didn’t. J got me a shirt that I’m going to get a kick out of wearing. Remember back this past semester me saying something about a couple of students at school getting their panties in a wad over two guys and their Dixie flags on their pick-up trucks? He bought me a shirt thats just so fitting. Well here’s my little Dixie Darlings t-shirt. What can I say.. I’m proud to say I was born in the South. I’ve even got the accent to prove it.

Today we went to Home Depot and used our Christmas gift card to get a leaf blower/mulcher for the yard.. no need to rake if we can just blow them into one spot. We pretty much figured out where the garden will go too.. after we get a tiller to till up the ground. I’ve also got to decide where to put my water-garden too, so I can move my fish up.

I sat in front of the TV for most of the evening..watching HGTV, fitting huh, so I think its time for me to get some sleep now… have a great night!