Unconscious Mutterings

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Scrooge:: A Christmas Carol
  2. Ribbon:: Cutting
  3. Physical:: Exam
  4. Income:: TAX
  5. Dream:: Home
  6. Notebook:: Homework
  7. Disney:: World
  8. Combo:: Meal
  9. Booty:: Call
  10. Skin:: Care

One final walk through

We had our final walk through today on the house.  Checked out all the repairs and walked the property line.    We’re down to the wire…Monday we close!

After the walk through we headed back to Montgomery for dinner. The first place we went to was closed, so we check out the antique store that is next door. I’m finally cockoo.. did you know that? Well beside that, I bought a cockoo clock! We had one when I was growing up (it wouldn’t run longer than a few minutes, but I was always tickled by the little bird). Up at my uncles on Thanksgiving I saw one again and just had to have one for myself. I saw this one a few weeks ago at the antique store, but I didn’t buy it then, but I did get it on this visit. I think its so cute… even if it does scare the cat.. LOL

After our shopping spree, we headed to dinner.. Thai our favorite. Then it was home to watch a little television and work on homework.

Did I mention it was cold today! Brr… in the 30’s this morning and windy too. Looks like December will be a cold month for a change, considering its going down to the mid 20’s tonight!

Blogathonner Missing

One of the participants of Blogathon 2003 is missing. Her name is Persa Zula, and she lives in Brunswick Ohio.  Could you please help us get the word out about her being missing.  She went missing on November 26.  Here is the web page her family put up: http://www.zulas.com/persa.htm



Wonderful Day

Back home again.. we went up to my aunt and uncles house for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  On the menu was a big old turkey, cornbread sage stuffing, gravy, squash casserole, broccoli casserole, cranberry sauce, cream corn, green bean salad, rolls, brownies, pecan pie, million dollar pie… and before hand we had and assortment of chips, spinach dip, a cheese ball and all washed down with your choice of a Bloody Mary, wine, mimosa (my fav), beer or iced tea.

I get a stuffed feeling thinking about it all over again!

The weather is nasty.. rained all day, and is still coming down right now. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better, but its not going to matter much as we’ll be doing more packing. Yesterday I rounded up my third load of boxes.. and we’ll finish out those tomorrow.

Well I’m going to head on to bed… get some sleep before I go for another slice of pie. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends!

Getting ready

How was your day? Mine was filled with packing.. boxes and boxes of STUFF!  We boxed and boxed, until we ran out of boxes.  Then it was off to get some more and start all over.  I can walk around the house now, and every room has boxes everywhere. -(  Ok.. I know it will be all over very soon.

We go Saturday to do a final walk-through on the house.. then sign the papers on Monday. I talked with the mortgage company too, and everything is in order there also. One big breath… ok.. time to find something to do.

Ok.. will I make pies tonight.. or wait until tomorrow morning… hmmm…

Thinking…. ok.. I’m going to get up early and make my very special Million Dollar (calorie) Pies. Ok.. back to chocolate martini’s .. Have a good holiday! because soon it will be study time again!