Unconscious Mutterings

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Scrooge:: A Christmas Carol
  2. Ribbon:: Cutting
  3. Physical:: Exam
  4. Income:: TAX
  5. Dream:: Home
  6. Notebook:: Homework
  7. Disney:: World
  8. Combo:: Meal
  9. Booty:: Call
  10. Skin:: Care

One final walk through

We had our final walk through today on the house.  Checked out all the repairs and walked the property line.    We’re down to the wire…Monday we close!

After the walk through we headed back to Montgomery for dinner. The first place we went to was closed, so we check out the antique store that is next door. I’m finally cockoo.. did you know that? Well beside that, I bought a cockoo clock! We had one when I was growing up (it wouldn’t run longer than a few minutes, but I was always tickled by the little bird). Up at my uncles on Thanksgiving I saw one again and just had to have one for myself. I saw this one a few weeks ago at the antique store, but I didn’t buy it then, but I did get it on this visit. I think its so cute… even if it does scare the cat.. LOL

After our shopping spree, we headed to dinner.. Thai our favorite. Then it was home to watch a little television and work on homework.

Did I mention it was cold today! Brr… in the 30’s this morning and windy too. Looks like December will be a cold month for a change, considering its going down to the mid 20’s tonight!

Blogathonner Missing

One of the participants of Blogathon 2003 is missing. Her name is Persa Zula, and she lives in Brunswick Ohio.  Could you please help us get the word out about her being missing.  She went missing on November 26.  Here is the web page her family put up: http://www.zulas.com/persa.htm