Time flies when your having fun

Wow.. what a weekend.. I sure wish it had lasted a bit longer. What can I say but that we were lazy. This morning I went over to where they will have a state surplus property auction tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to see what they actually sell so I went over this morning. (Thanks J for the heads up on the auction this morning.)

Well if your in the market for a used car or a pallet of 35-30 computers then this is your place. I only saw one thing that I’d like to have..if the price is right and that was a cherry bookcase with glass doors. It looked to be from the 1950’s or 1960’s..sturdy too. Only problem..its a lot of six! I could possibly find a place to put them..one in each room maybe? I might just go over and see..who knows maybe no one else wants them and I can get them cheap.

Oh..if you know someone in the market for a colonoscopy machine, they’ve got one too..slightly used though.

Last night we splurged on dinner.. Pizza! This is the first time we’ve had pizza since before Thanksgiving when J went on a low carb diet. Mmmmm.. I could have ate the whole thing! We also watched to movies, Final Destination and Final Destination 2. The first one was better.. but over all they were pretty good…freaky but good.