New Book Added

New Book Added to the Weekly Free Book section:

Alchemy & Academe
by Anne McCaffrey
Paperback (in new condition)

If you love enchanting tales of sorcerers and their apprentices.. you’ll love this book!

An enchanting collection of tales, enchantments, things magical and strange, devils and demons, professors of potent powers, witchcraft and wizardry, and more. Master fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey has chosen 20 short tales and poems of wonder and awe, written by the finest writers of fantasy today, including: Robert Silverberg, L. Sprague de Camp, R.A. Lafferty, Gene Wolfe, Carol Emshwiller, Sonya Dorman, and others.

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Thanks for the email Kymberlie! Your book will be on its way to you tomorrow! Enjoy!