Its almost the weekend..

well for me it is. I’ve got one more class tonight at 6pm then I’m through.. for a few days. I guess I shouldn’t complain. I only had classes yesterday and today. Tomorrow we’re headed back down to the gulf for the 2003 Emerald Coast Beer Festival . On that website there is a link to the webcam too, so check it out, who knows, you just might see us.

So far I’ve not been loaded with homework, so this worked out great. I was so afraid there would be some major project or exam next week and I’d hate to know I had to squeeze in some study time. But then again thats what the 3 hour drive down and 3 hour drive back home is for right? Studying.

Well.. time for me to grab some dinner before heading to class. Wish me luck.. this is my last class for the week and we’re having our first real exam too. What a nice way to end a week huh.

Update: More pictures coming soon to The Gallery too.