Haggis & Scotch Eggs?

We’re back. We too tons of photos, so once I’ve picked out the best I’ll put them up for everyone to see. Most are over a meg so I’ll be resizing them for speed too. So far the camera works great.. keeping our fingers crossed that it lasts.

The opening ceremonies are always the best. There were about 6 or 8 different Pipe Bands that marched in individually, then once everyone was there they all played together. Chill bumps listening to “Amazing Grace” played by all the Pipe Bands at once.

Yes.. I tried the Haggis.. only one bite, and that was plenty for me. I’ll stick to eating the scotch eggs. OH.. if you get the chance.. Deep Fried Mars bars!!!! They will knock you off your diet!

There were lots of food vendors selling all types of foods, clothing, swords, pottery, traditional dresses, kilts, jewelry and genealogy information.

We watched the caber toss for a while too.. if you don’t know what a caber is.. think telephone pole, picked up and tossed. There was one that actually got away from the guy picking it up to toss.. the crowd ran before the caber hit the ground.. landing right were people had been sitting on the grass. I bet they sit farther away next time too.

We met up with some friends to listen to a band that was playing at the entertainment tent called Slainte Mhath. Check them out if you get the chance… their pretty good.

Ok.. off to take a quick nap, then do some grocery shopping. Pineapple Sage Chicken for dinner.. umm!