Gee.. its Tuesday already?

I think know I spent most of the day yesterday working on homework.. its amazing how time flies when we’re having fun. (cough cough) Hmm.. that one choked me up Todays not a bad day.. no Spanish class tonight, so I actually have more free time to study today. (and make dinner!)

Well I will have to say we did have fun this weekend. Friday night we took the McGuire’s double-decker bus down to the Beerfest.. lets just say that was an experience riding on top (don’t forget to duck for the palm trees when you go through Gulf Breeze). So many people were passing us and honking their car horns.. guess its not something they see everyday down there (or they could have been warning us about upcoming tree limb too).

The beerfest itself was held in a large historical pub in the Seville Quarters of Pensacola. Just think of a mini New Orleans French Quarter. The McGuire’s Irish Pub Bagpipers started off the festival by marching into the pub first. Then it was our time to go in. Just think of a Comdex for micro-brewers. Outside there was a hot air balloon provided by one of the breweries from Columbus, Georgia. We stayed until close which was about 9:30 when the double-decker headed back over to our hotel.

Now its time to head over for some food! We walked down to Crabs for a late dinner… no clowns hanging around this time!(Clowns: See Photo Gallery) Dinner was great, plus it was topped of with a walk down the beach back to the hotel. (note to self.. pack a flashlight for critter hunting next time)

We slept in until around 8am on Saturday and played around on the beach for a few hours before the beach party. The party started rolling around noon with a band, more free beer from the micro-brewers the night before and games. Well the games were fun to watch.. all the brewers had a ‘team’ that participated in each of the events: team chugging, beer bungee, dizzy bat, and hoola hoop. It was funny to watch.. and believe it or not it was a pretty calm event… most of the people there were mid 30’s and up. I think the funniest thing to watch were the guys during the hoola hoop practice… some people have no rhythm (but then again you didn’t see me out there either)! Oh.. Cannon Brewpub brought their cannon.. now that one was loud! They fired it off a few times out on the beach.

We stayed until late evening then headed to the beach. Not many shells to find this day.. but the water was nice and warm. I did see something swim by that looked like a two foot shark..but I can’t be sure.

Well the party went on till well after 10pm… not a bad deal.