a Bushel of Mums

Does it feel like fall is on its way? Ok.. I know that fall in the south is nothing like the northern part of the US.. but we try . Late today I went over to Southern Homes & Gardens to see what they had for fall flowers. My flower beds are so dull and plain now and I wanted some color. Well instead on something for the flowerbeds, I returned home with a Bushel of Mums! Yep.. a good old wooden bushel basket packed to the brim with mums. It was all I could do to get it to fit in the back of the truck. Now I have a heaping pile of mums that are ready to bloom! I can’t wait to see all the yellow blooms!

~~Speaking of working.. I had the weirdest call this morning. It was one of the firms which I do mystery shopping for, wanting to know if I was available to do a shop in the next three hours. Sure.. sounds good to me. The weird part was that usually my shops are planned in advance and never this urgent. It was an easy shop though, and I was finished in less than 20 minutes.
More crazy cash for me!

Ok.. time to get some sleep. I hope you have a wonderful Friday night!

Crazy Cash– cash for what ever I want to spend it on.