Whew.. tired and the weekend just started!

We went to a friends house last night for a cookout. It was his birthday and he invited us over for dinner with the family. Boy.. I bet I ate enough steak to feed a small country! After dinner we watched Harry Potter and had apple crisp with ice cream for dessert! I think I gained five more pounds again. Its ok.. I’ll walk it off when I go back to class next week.

I didn’t realize it was midnight until we were in the car and heading home. Considering that we were heading to mom’s this morning we headed off to bed as soon as we got home. Up at 7am.. then off to mom’s for our family reunion. We stopped by and picked up G on the way.. he was down visiting one of his aunts.

Reunions are fun.. but it seems the older I get the more my heart begins to hurt.. Does that make sense? Every year there’s fewer people that come to the reunion.. but then I notice how much older everyone seems to be. I remember one year we had the reunion at our cabin on the lake.. I bet there was 200 people there! I was only about 10 or 12 years old, but I remember dad getting mad because all the toliet flushing drained the well and messed up the pump! Then I remember mom getting upset because all the beds were soaked! We never figured that one out.. its like everyone decided to take a nap on the beds or something and didn’t change out of their wet swimsuits! (**Footnote: No more reunions at the cabin.**)

It was nice seeing my aunt and uncle that came all the way up from Jacksonville Florida (my cousin drove them), but then I’m sad because he has Alzheimer’s and they think my aunt might have it also. He’s the reason I was raising money for ALZ.org during the blogathon. They were good today and seemed to rememeber everyone.. but its still sad. (my mom is the baby of the family and has 14 brothers and sisters)

But then I think of the good things.. like my uncle from Memphis. He and my aunt are both 79 years old and are living life to their fullest! They just finished building a new home so they could move back down closer to the family. Now thats how I want to be when I’m their age.. and you know what they say the trick is? “Don’t worry and have a glass of red wine with dinner every night!”

I saw one of my cousins who I haven’t seen for YEARS! LOL.. the last time I saw her, I spent the night at her house and they had just bought a new thing..called a VCR! We’ll we watched a movie that was just out on video called “9 to 5″ with Dolly Parton.. I’ll never forget thinking “Wow.. they must be rich to have gadgets like this!” (looking for the date…1980!) see I told you it was quite a while ago!

We had tons of food and plenty left over too. Thats one thing about all my relatives.. most grew up on a farm or live out in the country.. so when they cook dinner.. they COOK enough to feed everyone! I will say I ate the best candied sweet potatoes too.. fresh out of the garden and home cooked!

On the way home we took a small detour.. stopped off at a farm and picked a gallon of muscadines. I’ll be getting into those later too! Well we’re off to grab something for dinner.. not sure what it will be, then over to W.A. Gayle Planetarium to see Mars (keeping my fingers crossed that its not cloudy).

Have a wonderful weekend!