Good Old Bill..

Good old tropical storm Bill just doesn’t go away. The tornado warning sirens woke us up this morning around 5:00, and its been pouring rain off and on all day so far. I’m hoping the rain stops, so the 4th will be nice and dry at least.

Have you ever given yourself a headache? Well I just did.. I spent the last two hours trying to find my car keys! I knew the last time I used them, but they just weren’t in the spot I usually put them. Well I finally found them.. laying on top of the hamper in the bedroom with laundry on top of them. I guess I must have layed them there when I changed clothes yesterday.. but I just don’t remember.

If the rain does slack up some I need to go over to the school and move all my B&W chemicals over into a locker. I’d hate for someone to think a generous person has donated all those supplies. I want to finish up some prints too. I found a old black and white negative from when G was about 2 years old.. the orignal picture is a little worn, so I’m going to make a 8×10 print from it, maybe two and give one to Nana (my mom, G’s grandmother).

Well.. guess I need to get moving. Since I found my keys there are some errands I need to run, and go cash my last paycheck . Oh.. J.. I’m going to order that swimsuit too ;-)Cut-Out One-Piece