Oh I’m still around.. just taking a small break from posting for awhile. I just don’t know why I am so burned out on blogging right now…

I’d like to thank all my fellow blogathon’ers who sponsored me this year! Next year I hope to double the $170 and go for at least $300!

Everyone keep up the good work!!!

Sleepy yet? Try Munching Sour Grapes!

Well the eyes were feeling tired, so I jumped into a cool shower to wake the body up. I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, so hopefully it will last for a while.. or darn it, I’ll just jump into a cold one next time! Too bad its not winter, or I would just go outside!

I’ve been getting so many nice emails and words of encouragement that I just wanted to say Thanks!! And please forgive me if I start typing bad.. these eyes are not used to pulling an all nighter!

Stats so far: Unique Visitors for Saturday: 363 woooo.. and if everyone had donated a dollar!

If anyone wants to chat.. I’m here and online, so yell at me and make sure I’m awake!!!