Oh I’m still around.. just taking a small break from posting for awhile. I just don’t know why I am so burned out on blogging right now…

I’d like to thank all my fellow blogathon’ers who sponsored me this year! Next year I hope to double the $170 and go for at least $300!

Everyone keep up the good work!!!

I Made It Through

I made it through Blogathon 2003 and stayed up for 24 hours straight! I was even able to update my other blog every 30 minutes during that time also. Whew… I still need some sleep.

Over all we raised about $90,000 for several different charities, and I was able to raise $170 from people who sponsored me during the event. Next year I hope to raise $300 in sponsorship. It was a great night.. even though there were times that I felt like I just wouldn’t make it. However I stayed busy chatting and posting pictures. I was amazed at how many people came by to check me out on the cam. That was part of my gimmick.. staying on the cam for 24 hours too… wow I was looking tired at about 3am! Well I’m off to do some things around here and maybe catch a nap.. maybe one day I’ll get my body caught back up to sleeping normal again.