Wow.. what a day!

I think we hit almost every store in town today! Shopping.. errands.. more shopping.. whew.. I’m tired.
Went out to dinner to our favorite little Mexican restaurant which is in walking distance from our house, only to find out that from now on.. “Sorry.. we no longer accept debit/check cards anymore.” One plus.. no waiting .. usually its busy.. I think they will realize they are going to lose a lot of customers this way.

Today was a really productive day.. finished my grocery shopping before 8am..Woo! Trimmed back my rosemary bushes (love the smell!), trimmed the mints (love that one too!), rearranged the living room, potted some flowers, took a great shot of a awsome sunset… the list keeps going on and on.

I talked with my friend thats leaving for Russia on Wednesday.. she so wanted me to be there to help her decide what to take with her.. I’m so excited for her! I told her that since I wasn’t able to be there to see her off, to plan on seeing me when she comes home at the end of the summer. Her birthday is a few days after mine, so I sent her gift early so she would have it. She’s decided not to open it yet and take it with her, and open it on her birthday in Russia. I had an early surprise on Friday too.. she mailed me one, and its wrapped tighter than Fort Knox.. I’ve still got a few days before I will open it… Willllll Powerrrrrrr… hmmm but part of it smells wonderful!

NEWS: I start work on Monday.. nothing big.. just contract work for a local company here.. Wooo!

Well time to run… my feet are tired.. I’ve got a glass of ‘Pam’s Tao Ice Wine, Vintage 2002′ and I’m going to watch some TV.