Up before 7am :-)

Yep.. today I’m up before 7am.. even have my coffee already going. Today’s one of those days where your not too sure what to expect. The AC guys are coming back to finish up some stuff they should have done when they installed the AC. They are going to ‘balance’ the air flow and do a duct cleaning and inspection. Joy joy.. for some reason the ‘job of dusting’ comes to mind after they leave.

Yesterday evening we noticed the window guys came back by and stuck a sign in our yard with their name on it (Window World). I don’t mind the sign.. but our windows are on order and it will be a few weeks before they are here to install. Oh well.. advertising does sell On the window issue we’re replacing all the windows and the sliding door. Guess I need to really start looking at where to move stuff too, and get things away from the windows.. no way we’ll want to tackle that job the day before. Its going to be nice .. no more air leaks around our 1970’s metal windows and less sound coming in from outdoors too!

Don’t you love ‘Free Nights and Weekends’? I talked with a friend of mine in Wyoming last night for almost two hours. She’s all excited about her summer research trip to Russia and wishes I was there to help her pack. For her trip its like packing for a camping trip.. take things you may need and make sure you take ‘easy to wash clothes’ because you won’t have access to washing machines or dryers, ‘over the counter medicine’ just in case you get sick or a cold, and a list of other stuff that you’d never think of taking on a trip. Her flights aren’t too bad (only changing 3 times).. but once she gets to Moscow its a 16 hour train trip to the university! Hehehe and to think I was going to go meet her there when her research was over.. I’d have been a basket case after 16 hours on a train! Maybe next time

Ok.. we discovered a new place for breakfast (and burgers too) around here.. GOOD BYE IHOP!!! Its called Crepes Egg Setera over at EastChase. We went there for dinner last night and wow!!! it was great! I had 2 regular pancakes, 2 potato pancakes, a cheese Blintz & French Toast served with sour cream & applesauce and sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar… talk about being stuffed! Hubby had a double decker grilled cheese & tomato sandwich that was great too! Hmmm.. now I’m hungry!!! Wonder if I can talk someone into going there again really soon! hehehehehe lunch maybe? nah.. just teasing! Those pancakes were not on my diet and I’m loving it that my old size 8’s are fitting again! TTFN!