Such a nice day.. :-)

Finally home… only to find that our drive street was packed with cars. Seems our neighbor behind us got married today.. sounds like the after wedding party is going pretty good too.

Well this morning for my birthday, we headed up to Birmingham to the McWane Center. I had a blast and so did everyone else! It was my first time to see movies in a IMAX theater! That was awsome!!! We saw Space Station and Coral Reef Adventure. I’ve got a craving now to learn to scuba dive! Funny thing is I found out today that scuba lessons and going on a dive was supposed to be my birthday present… but I had to go and have surgery.. so I didn’t get that one this year… but.. summer isn’t over yet! We also had our pictures sketched by a computer too.. I’ll have to get those scanned and share them with everyone. Getting sappy aren’t I??? Nah.. I love my sweeties!

(My birthday present to myself) Yesterday I found a very nice rocking chair at an estate sale for quite a bargain… you should have seen us in my little car… trying to figure out how to get it home! Thats when for once I wished we had a truck! (No J.. that doesn’t mean I want to go trade..not yet anyway..hehe) Well.. we might have looked crazy, but we managed to get it into the front seat (with the seat laying all the way down and the window down). Hard part was getting it back out once we got home. She’s all cleaned up and now my special seat in the den . Anyone know how to tell how old it may be? Its put together with wood pegs and seems to be a dark red wood. I’ll do a little searching online. Picture

Harry Potter arrived today too!!! That was something else I ordered for myself a few months back. J got me a very nice set of wind chimes off my wish list and a book (they sent the wrong one.. but I’ll get it straightened out soon). Mom sent some birthday money, and I bought some clothes. J got me a couple pair of shoes too. Boy.. I’m racking up on this birthday love too! So many email wishes and cards!!! Hmm.. can’t birthdays last for two days? How about every six months or so??