Rainy day

Just watching some tv..not much to do outside because of the rain. No problem though.. plenty on tv and plenty to do inside too..spring/summer cleaning. I worked on the kitchen yesterday and some today..rearranged so there is more room in there now too.

More cleaning to do and straightening up.. a contractor is coming by later today to look at our windows. We’re thinking about getting them all replaced and the sliding glass door too. A friend of ours just did their windows and doors… it makes a big difference in the look of the house. Then there is the the saving on heating and cooling too. Not too bad when you think of it like an upgrade We’ve also measured off the back patio and we’re thinking of a sunroom addition in the near future too. Its time to do some stuff around here since we’re not moving anytime too soon..plus it will add property value too.

Only 6 more days till I can drive again!!! I’m counting those days down! LOL.. just teasing..but I do miss being able to go somewhere when I want to.. but I’ll follow the doctors orders..three weeks no driving.

Ok.. time to find something to do.. finish some snail mail.. nap maybe ttfn!