New Week..New Look

Miss me?

I finished up my part-time job yesterday.. would have finished sooner if the new office manager wasn’t 4 hours late on her first day to work. Well it doesn’t matter to me.. I just have 5 more hours to bill for since I stayed waiting on her to get there. I really think he’ll be searching for another office manager real soon.

We worked in the yard yesterday.. hope our pile of branches don’t upset the neighbors. Our hedge bushes aren’t bushes anymore.. they have become trees! Slowly we’re cutting them back.. plus regaining about 10 more feet of lawn width in the process. The hedges will look funny for a while though.. can’t cut the ones with the bird nests.. they’ve all got eggs.

Ok.. time for me to get busy… things to do and coffee to make! I haven’t had a real cup all week!