Monday already?

Where did Sunday go?
Actually I remember Sunday… its nice just to be lazy and do some things around the house. We even grilled out last night…until we ran out of gas and the chicken was only half done! No problem though… finished cooking it inside. It still had that ‘grilled’ taste too. Mmm.. and even cooked some fresh squash out of the garden to go with it too.

Today was pretty lazy.. in between running some errands. OH.. and a little mystery too. While feeding the gold fish out back, I heard a frog jump into the wooden barrel that sits next to the pond that is full of water too. Well the barrel is over grown a bit with some water plants from last year that didn’t die back during the winter. While trying to spot the frog something orange swam by! Well a little more watching and I found out theres a gold fish in there! The mystery is that we’ve never put any fish up there!!! Maybe eggs were on some plants that I moved there, and actually hatched.. we’ve had babies before.. just not in the barrel!

Ok.. I’m off to get my stuff together for my class tonight. I start my “for fun” camera class tonight and I don’t want to forget anything. I hope its interesting and not boring.. its 3 hours long and that wouldn’t be fun if we’re not actually ‘doing’ anything. Hopefully tonight they will give me my supplies list for the paper and stuff.. it was supposed to be mailed to us before the class started, but I never got mine.

I hope your having a great Monday!!