Long busy day..

How was your Sunday? Mine was awsome! Slept in..went shopping..visited some friends..hubby cooked dinner..now its time for bed again! Really.. we had a great day. Thanks for cooking dinner sweetie (grilled chops and veggies..served on the patio with candle light!) Well..I set the table and the candles were my idea.. too bad we live in an area that we have to watch out for mosquito bites (West Nile Virus).

Shopping was fun.. couple of new capri pants for me and a new top that will go with anything. Hubby got some new shirts for work.. and a new belt because his other one is too BIG now (Woo.. knocking those inches off!)

We drove over to a friend of ours to check out their new windows. They had someone come out and replace all their window with some energy saving ones. I think thats going to be our next big project.. and if that goes ok, maybe even add a sunroom off the back.

Ok.. I’m still stuffed and I’ve had my mocha coffee.. time for bed! I need my sleep since I’m going to tackle our closet again and do some throwing out! Time to cull out everything thats not been worn in over a year.. its just way too crowded in there now.

OH.. hubby was messing around with the camera and snapped this shot.. amazing what you can do with a digital SLR camera! Big Dipper

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