Its Friday for Me!

What a week…
Work went well.. its nice being able to come and go as I please. Only four people in the whole office including me, so its usually quiet. I work much better when its quiet. Right now its looking like a three week job, but thats ok with me.. good money is good money .

I’ve tried for the past few days to finish weeding the garden.. but with all the rain its either too muddy or raining. Our pumpkins are taking over… these are seeds I saved from our halloween pumpkin last year.. if all the blooms produce, we’ll be giving these things away!

We’ve got a new ‘renter’. A tiny little bird has decided that my hanging basket on the front porch is a really nice place to live. I guess I can live with it, but I’ll be glad when he quits throwing the dirt on to the porch and finished his little underground house. Considering that I have several bird feeders not too far from the house, I guess he’s looking to stay close to meals and water.

Well only two more classes left to go in my photography class. I’ve processed two rolls, and have some prints from each roll. I hope to run over there tomorrow and do some more prints even though we don’t have class. Being a student there also has its perks.. I can use the darkroom anytime I want!

You know what… I haven’t pestered hubby about my birthday present in a few weeks now.. I bet he thinks I’ve forgotten all about it. I got a early present from my friend out in Wyoming. She sent it early since she’ll be in Moscow on my birthday. She called and wanted me to open it early so she would know how I liked it. Its a hand-brushed Chinese Kanji print for “Joy – Life as Music” . She said it was the prefect gift because “it speaks to me about your love of Asian culture… and our love of music!” and she is so right! I’m going to go to the frame store sometime this weekend and see about getting it framed. She also knew how much I like homemade soap and sent me a bar that smells great to.. kind of a cross between cinnamon bread and sandlewood. Her birthday is a few days after mine too, so she opened her gift too. (note: she’s off to Russia for 6 weeks for her international studies class at UW and she’s into online journals too.) I found a book that another person published, which is a composition of all her emails and journal entries she made when she went to Russia to do humanity studies. I knew it suited her and I was right She loved it! Aren’t we just sappy!

Ok.. I’ve chattered along way too much.. time to think about dinner.. hmm.. or not.. may just go out to eat.. I earned a good paycheck this week and I’m going to spend it too!