Ending with clouds and rain

Looks like tropical storm Bill has pushed the rain up out way. Its cooled off a bit outside too, which is good. All in all we had a great weekend.. but now I’m ready to sit down and be lazy.

Yesterday we went and picked up the replacement grill (Happy Very Early Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary Honey!), along with a ladder from Home Depot. Nah.. the grill isn’t so big that we need a ladder, we need one to get into the attic (we’re going to put down more insulation), and since we had to rent a truck to get the grill home, we just saved time and bought a ladder too. We broke in the grill right away.. just some hotdogs for dinner, but today we made “Drunk Chicken”….mmmmmm it was awsome!

Tonight we’re smoking ribs (Winn Dixie had buy one get one free on baby back ribs!). I have a feeling we’ll(he’ll) be cooking out more often than before, but then again we were cooking out a lot then too!

Ok.. I’m off to see what’s on tv, or maybe use my free movie coupon. More later!