And the surprise is

A night out to see Romeo and Juliet with friends over at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival! We had talked about this back before my surgery, but I had forgot all about going. When we go there I had an idea what my surprise was, but I still wasn’t sure which play we were one would show the tickets to me! The play was awsome!!! I’m so hooked on ASF! Now I want to go back and see Noises Off which I’ve heard is really funny! Something else… in the car leaving.. this was on the radio.. Valentine is done Here but now they’re gone Romeo and Juliet Are together in eternity… Romeo and Juliet 40,000 men and women everyday… Like Romeo and Juliet 40,000 men and women everyday… Redefine happiness Another 40,000 coming everyday…We can be like they are Coincidence?? ~~~ Earlier J took me over to get my hair cut.. yep.. a new doo for me. If you thought it was short should really see it now.. its just like Halle Berry’s cut. Ok.. time for bed here.. Thanks for the great surprise sweetie!!!! I owe you (giggles).. hmm just wait till June 25th!