Whoa.. its Wednesday!

Wow how time flies when your lazy..lol. Actually I’ve been quite busy for someone that’s supposed to be resting. Nah.. I’m fine, and I’m not over doing anything. Feeling better everyday.. still sore, but healing pretty good. Today I’ve been trying to sort through all my books I’ve saved and try and relocate them out of the workout room… before someone gets ticked off I knew I had a lot, but I seem to keep finding more and more that don’t have a home.

Last night I got this great idea about having a book sale. This way I can actually list what I have.. relocate them out of the workout room and maybe in the process find them a new home somewhere. So if your a book hound like I am, check them out and maybe you’ll find something you can’t live with out. Pam’s Massive Book Sale. (I’ve still got about 50+ books to post..so check back often)

Ok.. off to the couch to lay down for a bit.. my stomach tends to get sore if I sit up for long periods of time.. but then again my back gets that way if I lay down too long also! Oh well.. can’t win for losing!