Moving Day

Helped out moving everything from the old Dojo to the new Dojo today. My job was making sure all the nails were out of the wall, ’supervise’ and take some more photos to upload to the webpage.LOL. Since I still can’t lift much it was the best I could do.

Everything is finally moved.. now the hard part.. unpacking and everything finding its new home. More than likely it will still be a week or so before our grand opening. Still have to wait on the electricians to finish the outside hook-up and get everything organized. Now’s the time when I wish I was able to go to class… its going to be fun to finally be in our own dojo, and we have massive amounts of room now too.. no more cramped classes. Time to recruit more students too, we’ve got plenty of room!

Ok.. its 3pm and we’ve not had lunch yet either.. hmm… what to eat… Later!