I just realized… the past two years I’ve lost friends during the month of May. No..not lost like your thinking, but lost as in they are military families and transfered to new duties. Two years ago Kim left durning the month of May when her husband was promoted and their next assignment was in Wyoming. Then this May Nikki left when her husband received his new duty in Italy. Oh I know they aren’t gone forever.. just not local anymore.

There’s still email, cards, phone calls etc.. just no more lunch dates, Shakespeare plays, coffee dates or seeing them everyday at school. Ok.. I know there are other friends out there and I’m slowly making new ones. This time I’ll just stay away from the military ones..LOL just kidding but then again the majority of people who live around here are in some way connected to the military.

Ok.. enough whining..I don’t even have any cheese to go with it right now..LOL