Almost over :)

Well only one more class to go to today, then finals next week! I’ve got two on Monday and two on Tuesday.. thats going to be a lot of writing. That reminds me.. I need to get all my stuff together too.. selling back those books asap next week too.. well except for my Financial/Managing Book.. I’ll use it again for the management class (my luck they will go to a new book).

Tummy is feeling a bit yucky today.. major cramps and just plain old yuck. I’m going to blame it on that earthquake..LOL. Its ok.. this is the last time to deal with this too.. granny is headed off to the retirement home in just two weeks. Plus if this time had been a breeze I would wonder if it will stay this way.. oh well.. probably not. Have you tried those portable heating pads that stick to your tummy/clothing and stay hot/warm for a couple hours? The are pretty good.. too bad they don’t last longer than they do.

Well I’m off to find something for lunch before my afternoon class.. eating seems to make me feel better

Keep growing those cucumbers girls!

Alabama Legislature Votes Against Legalizing Sex Toys (Shaking Head) Hmmm.. no wonder everyone thinks Alabama is backwards… this is what our Legislature argues over?? Bet they would think different if their wives/girlfriends were out running around to ‘get some satisfaction’ when they weren’t around to provide it. Watch out Bruno’s.. gonna be a run on the veggie aisle tonight! LOL