Chilly day

and someone I know is getting snow flurries in north Georgia too! Well it seems like break is over.. and now its back to the same old routine.. up and off to school I think the warm weather knew break was over too.. considering we have a hard freeze warning for tonight too. So that meant bringing back inside all my flowers I’d re potted and moved outside. Guess they are a bit confused! Hmm.. we did get a small blizzard during March once.. but that was 10 years ago too.Blizzard Pics Its amazing what mother nature can do once she sets her mind to it. Ok.. I hear the blender going in the kitchen (wooo!) and I guess I’ll go check it out.. its either some yummy dessert, or margarita time..LOL (UPDATE… it was strawberry shakes!)

Very nice day out today

Very nice day out today too…. planted some lemon basil too. I’m still wondering if the other herbs will come up that I planted earlier this week. I know.. just have to wait Some of the herbs I planted last year have returned this year too.. chives, mint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint, sage, basil, rosemary (stayed pretty all winter long) and a few others I can’t think of their names. Isn’t it June yet????? I so want to be out of school … I’m so ready for summer!