Yesterday was one busy day

School went well.. for the most part. I was lucky enough to find a parking place closer than usual which was good.. considering the wind was rather cold. After class I headed over to the Junior League for a self-defense demonstration at 11:00am. That ran pretty smoothly.. considering it was last minute notice and we didn’t go over anything before hand. After that I had to hurry back across town for classes again.. almost didn’t get back in time. After class it was off to my doctors appointment. Everything went pretty much as expected.. annual checkup and lots of questions between me and my doctor about what I want to do. Long story short.. follow up exam in April to schedule my preop, and decide when to do the surgery. I could have went on the Lupron therapy again.. but just like this time I would have about a year of relief, then after the shots were over ‘hell week’ would be back again, and probably just worse than before, just like this time.
Your probably wondering.. what do I do till then? We’re going to try BCP’s until then to see if they help me some during the wait for classes to be over. Yeah.. guess its good that I hadn’t planned on going to school this summer.. was going to be lazy for once and take a break. Guess I’ll really be getting that break now huh?
Spent the rest of the day working on some homework.. seems all I have this week are exams. Well.. guess its off to do more reading while I have some time before class starts. ttyl….