Wow.. Mondays are crazy

I actually got up a little bit earlier today.. usually I’ll hang in there till the last minute. This morning around 3am we woke up and heard this weird humming noise coming from outside. Well it sounded like it was coming from our storage building.. but..wait, the building has no electricity, and what ever this was, it wasn’t something that winds up or anything. J got the flash light and went out towards the building and then the noise stopped. Guess he scared those space aliens away! It was odd. Kind of sounded like the humming noise that big power lines or transformers make. Very weird.. and if we were dreaming.. we were having the same one too!
Class went well.. gearing up for more exams this joy. I ran into my Econ professor and told him about my magazine find and how I calculated the cost into todays dollar. He was really impressed and wants to see, so I need to remind myself to print all that off before heading back tomorrow. (can you say ‘brown nose’)j/k After school I went over to our cell phone place to get my phone looked at. It had been acting weird.. alway roaming and most of the time with no service at all. They said ‘Yeah.. looks like its broke’ and said they would swap phones with me. Well.. 30 minutes later I’m still there, they can’t seem to get my number to go to the new phone.. so on to phone #2. Finally all fixed up and out the door. Well I get in the car.. open up my phone, and theres a little Post It note that says “I gave you 100 free minutes” I guess next time I have a problem I’ll see her again instead of the guy!
Ok.. off to read about post-American Revolution America, do some Econ and decide whats for dinner. And how was your Monday?