Where did Tuesday go?

Wow.. I’ve been gone since Monday. Well not really gone, just busy. Class has been hectic.. with exams and homework.
Did you notice the little ‘radio’ picture? Well if you click on that, you’ll see what I’ve been listening to while I’m here at my desk.. pretty neat I think.
Well I guess I need to get moving.. I have some Accounting to finish up this morning and I still need to get dressed. Brrr.. cold outside again, not warm like yesterday.. long sleeves and jacket for today -(

Remember to keep all the military service men and women in your prayers. One of the students in my Econ class turned in his work because he was deploying. Another friend of mines husband left on Sunday. His fellow service men were happy and comforted some what to see him going with them, considering he’s the chaplin for the base there.
Remember to get out those ‘yellow ribbons’.

and support our military men and women.