Today the sun finally

Today the sun finally came out for a bit.. but it was still kind of chilly. Well I think spring time is just around the corner. Mother nature is already on the prowl… soon she’ll make herself known by turning all our cars a bright yellow 8). Well not everyones.. just us folks that have dark colored cars! Oh well.. I can live with it!

OH.. a funny from American History class! Our lecture today was on the American Revolution.. and he was talking about how soldiers would leave when times got bad, etc (like at Valley Forge and the men were cold and starving), and this girl ask “If we go to war, will soldiers still leave and try to come home?” His answer was Yes.. of course and that they would suffer the penalty when they were caught. Well then she wanted to know (and this went way off subject) “Why was it when I went to talk to the recruiter that they told me how much money I would get, the great job I would have, all the nice places I would see..etc, BUT you know that wasn’t right, they didn’t tell me about all the hard work and other stuff I’d be doing too.. why is that? that wasn’t right??” OH man you should have heard it in there it was like “Damn girl, what do you think the military is!!” He just shook his head and changed the subject.. all along everyone was like “WOW.. she just doesn’t get it!” Ok.. just thought I’d share that with ya! heheheheheheheh

Off to do some reading and see if I can get my stomach to stop hurting. Its been like this all day and its too soon for it to be anything else. Hmm.. it could be dinner from yesterday but I don’t think so.. it just aches. Not bad.. just nagging. Oh well.. only a few more months to deal with it! Woooo!