Things people search on..

Its amazing to see what people search on that brings them to my blog pages. Boy those little bots that go out an grab stuff for Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines really do dig deep. Lately I’ve had hits for searchs for:

karate and pedicure
alabama and waterfall
bead blog
php and pam
alabama and meteor
karate and blog
lizard feet

And all this time I thought I’d have to pay to have my site listed..LOL

Todays been a busy day… shopping.. haircut for G.. and checked out the new HUGE Sam’s club for a couple of things. I finally found a nice pair of stretch warmup pants (not that I’ll ever look like Pink in them, but hey.. they are comfy!). Well.. off to finish up some laundry and think about tonight.. I’d love to see a movie, but not sure which one yet, or rent one, since I have earned a free rental that we really need to use before it expires.