Its about time Friday got here. Wooo.. can you tell I’ve been a little busy? I changed around the look a bit here today.. trying to get into a ’springy’ mood. I’ve got some stuff I want to change on here, but I’ll just have to get to it when I can. Moving things around and trying to tidy up a bit.
I think I’m going to run get a haircut sometime today.. its just getting too curly. I like to wear my hair kinda ‘messed’ up looking, but right now it just looks like bed head..LOL. Well a lot has to do with all the rain, but mostly its just too curly to wear any longer.
Is it raining where you are? Its another rainy day here.. yuck. I wish it would clear up for a bit at least for the weekend. I got a letter from a friend of mine in Australia..they haven’t had rain there in over a year.. one of the worst droughts they’ve had that she can remember. Well they’re finally getting some rain where she lives.. TOO much rain, so now they are having floods because the ground can’t soak up the rain fast enough. Thats going from one extreme to another quick. But its good that they are getting rain.. now they won’t have so many water regulations.

Well.. off to get busy around here..I just wanted to check in! ttyl!