TGI Thursday!

and its off to school again. At least tomorrow I can just relax for once. Well.. not really.. Brit Lit mid-term is next Thursday. Just when you get one out of the way here comes another. It sure was nice when I was getting professors who didn’t do just mid-term and final exams. Oh well.. summer is on its way.
How come we didn’t know that ‘Birds of Prey’ did a 2 hour show until it was already almost over?? LOL.. I guess when we heard it was cancelled that that was it. Nope.. two hour finale! We do know someone that was taping it, so we’ll just have to get in line to watch. Maybe have a movie night at karate one night.
Well.. I need to get moving.. finish getting dressed and off to study some more. I’ll feel better when this History exam is over today… I hate dislike essay exams.. that reminds me.. I need to run buy a bluebook too.

Have a great day…!!!!