Splurge day!

Hey all! Today was a splurge on Pam day! Yep.. I did the haircut..then feeling better, I headed over to have the nails done too! I feel so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood now! hehe I didn’t feel bad before.. just a little tired and just lazy I guess. Its ok.. we’ve got a dinner party to go to tomorrow night so this will just fit in fine.
The sun did finally show its face today.. around 4pm.. maybe it will stick around for a bit. I sure could use some sunshine and warm weather. Today while heading back across town I noticed that all the plum and crab-apple trees are starting to bloom. It seems too early for that.. but then again its almost March.. two months into the new year, and only three months left till summer break!

Well heres a picture so you can see my new doo! Have a great night!

New Doo