Neat Find

I wanted to share something that I found at the Antique/Flea Market on Friday. It was raining and I wanted to get out of the house, so I ended up over at the flea market. I thought this was so cool.. a ladies magazine from 1872! Full of stories (continued into the next edition of course), recipes, healing cures, dress patterns, fashion plates with the current styles of dresses, quilt and cross stitch patters, advertisements for all sorts of things, and sheet music! Not a bad deal for $2 plus $.12 postage for a whole year. I did the math (woo Econ is coming in handy) to figure the cost in 2003 dollars. The magazine subscription in today’s dollar would cost $30.60. And if we go in the other direction, a dollar today would have been $.06 back in 1872. Neat huh?

Peterson’s Ladies National Magazine- May 1872
~~~~ Here’s an example of one of the ads:
White Glycerine Gives a Permanently Beautiful Complexion. White Glycerine penetrates the skin without injury, eradicates all Spots, Freckles, Tan, Mother-patches, Black Worms or Grubs, Impurities, and Discolorations of every kind, leaving it smooth, soft, pliable, and of that perfect clearness and purity, which constitute the really beautiful complexion. Sold at 299 Broadway, N. Y., and by all Druggists. ~~~~~~~ What the heck are Black Worms and Grubs! and why are they on your skin??? LOL ~~~~~~~ Here’s a recipe for: Rock Cream This will be found to be a very ornamental as well as a delicious dish for a supper-table. Boil a teacupful of the best rice till quite soft, in new milk; sweeten it with powdered loaf-sugar, and pile it up on a dish. Lay on it, in different places, square lumps of either currant-jelly or preserved fruit, with a little powdered sugar, and flavor with either orange-flower water or vanilla. Add to this, when beaten very stiff, about a tablespoonful of rich cream, and drop it over the rice, giving it the form of a rock of snow. ~~~~ Just thought I’d share!!! Enjoy!