My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Wow.. that was a pretty good movie! Yeah.. more on the lines of a good ‘chick flick’ but still good. I was surprised that there wasn’t many ‘extras’ on the DVD. It would have been funny to see some of the out takes. So if you get a chance to watch it then do.
Tonight for Valentines we’re just going to go out for dinner then over to see “Daredevil”. It looks like a pretty good movie too. A friend of ours did all the ‘wire’ work for the stunts.. wonder if he can bring Ben with him when he comes back to town??? nah.. probably working.
Alrighty.. I’ve spent way too long typing this out and popping over to work on my history home work.. time to head to dinner. I hope you have a great Valentines night.. and got plenty of goodies!

Movie was packed so we decided just on dinner.. we’ll try again tomorrow