Up early.. and trying to catch up on some things around here. While reading over some blogs I found something thats fun, and I haven’t seen in years. Its a towel exchange! We used to do this back in the late 1980’s.. kinda like a chain letter except with a pretty kitchen towel. Mostly we just mailed to friends and relatives and as the letter kept going around, towels would just come from everywhere. Lisa (a friend of mine) ended up once with about 40 kitchen towels! Check out this link and see what the Spring towel exchange is all about. Its kinda like what I mentioned before but in a more modern updated type of way. Plus its not a chain-mail letter.
Ok.. off to finish up some things around here, then head on up to mom’s for the day. Its not raining right now, so may be the weather will clear up a little (crossing fingers). This will also give me the chance to finish up the last two hours of Jane Eyre too. See.. driving can be considered studying too! 8)