Bet you wondered

where I was huh? Sorry about that.. school’s keeping me pretty busy this semester, plus I must have got some type of stomach virus yesterday.. gee.. getting rid of one problem to just have something else go wrong..LOL. I’m ok today, so maybe it was just something I had for lunch.
I (we) got our valentine gifts early.. hubby was tired of his cell-phone dying on him so we went and traded both our phones for two new ones(Motorola V60t). We did really good with the other one.. two years of use and no problems till now. Funny part is how small we thought our old phones were when we got them, but they look huge next to the new ones.
I also got the sweetest Valentine card in the mail today also I just love surprise like that! Something that just catches you off guard.
Late this evening I started working on the flowerbeds.. they look so sad. I’m trying to clear out all the dead stuff, so that we can see the bulbs when they start coming up. Some of my daffodils have already started coming up too. I really just want to get the yard cleaned back up while I have the chance.
Well.. I’m off to finish up dinner and sit down and watch a movie. We had a free movie rental that was going to expire today, so I went and picked up “Big Fat Greek Wedding” for tonight.
And how was your Thursday?