Its about time Friday got here. Wooo.. can you tell I’ve been a little busy? I changed around the look a bit here today.. trying to get into a ’springy’ mood. I’ve got some stuff I want to change on here, but I’ll just have to get to it when I can. Moving things around and trying to tidy up a bit.
I think I’m going to run get a haircut sometime today.. its just getting too curly. I like to wear my hair kinda ‘messed’ up looking, but right now it just looks like bed head..LOL. Well a lot has to do with all the rain, but mostly its just too curly to wear any longer.
Is it raining where you are? Its another rainy day here.. yuck. I wish it would clear up for a bit at least for the weekend. I got a letter from a friend of mine in Australia..they haven’t had rain there in over a year.. one of the worst droughts they’ve had that she can remember. Well they’re finally getting some rain where she lives.. TOO much rain, so now they are having floods because the ground can’t soak up the rain fast enough. Thats going from one extreme to another quick. But its good that they are getting rain.. now they won’t have so many water regulations.

Well.. off to get busy around here..I just wanted to check in! ttyl!

101st Airborne Division

Headed to the Gulf
Well we know this means business. These are the guys that have countries surrendering just by the idea they are on their way over.

Mission Statement of the 101st Airborne:
To deploy within 36 hours worldwide to close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver to destroy or capture him, or to repel his assault by fire, close combat or counterattack.

Splurge day!

Hey all! Today was a splurge on Pam day! Yep.. I did the haircut..then feeling better, I headed over to have the nails done too! I feel so goooooooooooooooooooooooooood now! hehe I didn’t feel bad before.. just a little tired and just lazy I guess. Its ok.. we’ve got a dinner party to go to tomorrow night so this will just fit in fine.
The sun did finally show its face today.. around 4pm.. maybe it will stick around for a bit. I sure could use some sunshine and warm weather. Today while heading back across town I noticed that all the plum and crab-apple trees are starting to bloom. It seems too early for that.. but then again its almost March.. two months into the new year, and only three months left till summer break!

Well heres a picture so you can see my new doo! Have a great night!

New Doo

Where did Tuesday go?

Wow.. I’ve been gone since Monday. Well not really gone, just busy. Class has been hectic.. with exams and homework.
Did you notice the little ‘radio’ picture? Well if you click on that, you’ll see what I’ve been listening to while I’m here at my desk.. pretty neat I think.
Well I guess I need to get moving.. I have some Accounting to finish up this morning and I still need to get dressed. Brrr.. cold outside again, not warm like yesterday.. long sleeves and jacket for today -(

Remember to keep all the military service men and women in your prayers. One of the students in my Econ class turned in his work because he was deploying. Another friend of mines husband left on Sunday. His fellow service men were happy and comforted some what to see him going with them, considering he’s the chaplain for the base there.
Remember to get out those ‘yellow ribbons’ and support our military men and women.

Wow.. Mondays are crazy

I actually got up a little bit earlier today.. usually I’ll hang in there till the last minute. This morning around 3am we woke up and heard this weird humming noise coming from outside. Well it sounded like it was coming from our storage building.. but..wait, the building has no electricity, and what ever this was, it wasn’t something that winds up or anything. J got the flash light and went out towards the building and then the noise stopped. Guess he scared those space aliens away! It was odd. Kind of sounded like the humming noise that big power lines or transformers make. Very weird.. and if we were dreaming.. we were having the same one too!
Class went well.. gearing up for more exams this joy. I ran into my Econ professor and told him about my magazine find and how I calculated the cost into todays dollar. He was really impressed and wants to see, so I need to remind myself to print all that off before heading back tomorrow. (can you say ‘brown nose’)j/k After school I went over to our cell phone place to get my phone looked at. It had been acting weird.. alway roaming and most of the time with no service at all. They said ‘Yeah.. looks like its broke’ and said they would swap phones with me. Well.. 30 minutes later I’m still there, they can’t seem to get my number to go to the new phone.. so on to phone #2. Finally all fixed up and out the door. Well I get in the car.. open up my phone, and theres a little Post It note that says “I gave you 100 free minutes” I guess next time I have a problem I’ll see her again instead of the guy!
Ok.. off to read about post-American Revolution America, do some Econ and decide whats for dinner. And how was your Monday?

long night

Storms kept me up for most of the night.. lots of rain, lightning, and the weather alert warnings about ever 15 minutes. Top that off with a dog that REALLY needed to go to the bathroom, but wouldn’t go outside because of the lightning. Guess I’d be scared too!
Off to do some grocery shopping while its nice outside.. sunny but really windy. Warm too.. thats nice again for a change.