Brown Breads – Recipe

Brown Bread

1 pkg dry yeast ? t sugar
1 C warm water 3 T olive oil
1 ? t baking powder (1.65) 1 t salt
1 ? C gluten flour (30) ? C soy flour (15.3)
? C flaxmeal (2.46) ? C wheat bran (3.15)

Place yeast, sugar and water in bottom of breadmaker pan, and check that the
yeast is active. Then add all other ingredients, and run through usual
cycle in breadmaker. 1399 cals, 63.92g fat, 146.67g protein, 52.56g carbs
for total recipe. Cut into 19 slices – 2.77 g each. 14 slices – 3.76 g

Or make the dough in the breadmaker, then divide into 2 portions, place in
loaf pans, and let rise in a warmish oven for 40 mins. Cook in oven at 190 C
for 40 minutes. Makes two small loaves of 19 slices (1.39 g each). Can
divide dough into 16 rolls, let rise, then bake 15mins at 200C – 3.26 g

Easy Bread Machine Bread (White Bread)

1 C gluten flour (24) 1/4 C bran (3.15)
1/4 C oat flour (11.94) 1/4 C cream (1.65)
2/3 C warm water 4 t yeast (2.75)
1 t salt 1 t sugar (4.2)
2 T oil

Mix the dry ingredients together apart from yeast and sugar. Put cream,
water and oil in bottom of the breadmaker and then add the dry ingredients.
Make a small indent in the dry ingredients and add the yeast and then the
sugar on top of that. Put the machine on the white bread cycle and let it
knead the dough. Once the kneading cycle is over take the loaf out of the
machine and put in an oiled loaf pan and let it rise for an hour. Bake for
approx 30 mins at 175C. 42.8 g carbs, not including sugar which gets eaten
by the yeast. Cut into 19 slices – 55.8 cal, 2.97 g fat, 5.44 g protein and
2.29 g carbs per slice.