One more down and one to go! Today was Biology II exam, and all that is left now is Microeconomics tomorrow.
Boy is it cold outside today! I didn’t realize it this morning when I went to class, but that could have been because I lost my car keys and was running late. I actually got up at 5am, so that I could read over biology again, then at 7:30 when I was ready to campus I couldn’t find my keys! Well I remembered that I took them with us when we went to look at the gas logs for the fireplace, but I didn’t remember seeing them after that. Sure enough, I called Johnny and they were in his car! He ran them back to me at about 7:45, and believe it or not, I got parked and across campus just in time to start the exam. It ended up taking me two hours to finish it.. I still do not understand those that are finished in 45 minutes. Thats just scary!
I called the guy about cleaning the chimney but didn’t get an answer.. something gives me the feeling this will be one messy chore. But its something that has to be done before we can do anything else with the fireplace.